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Calming Chaos

There’s a wicked thunderstorm happening right now, and I couldn’t be happier about it.


I think storms are amazing! The pounding rain on the roof, and the whistle of the wind. Even The lightning…so dangerous, yet so beautiful. And the thunder is almost cathartic; loud and intrusive, yet also a reminder that sometimes even the sky needs to blow off some steam.


I hope you have a good rest of the night! Thanks for reading. And here’s a sleeping puppy in case thunderstorms make you nervous. ❤

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Heat Miser Called, He’d Like His Weather Back

…Seriously, 97 degrees right now in my little beach town, but the weather channel is telling me it feels like 108. 1. 0. 8. 

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Now I know that there are plenty of other places in the U.S. and around the world that are much hotter. I am also aware that it is in fact summer.

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But when I step outside, and the heat bitch slaps me like Batman is doing to Robin in that meme up there, it’s too fucking hotttt. 

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I’ll admit, before I lived at the beach I used to loathe summer, I HATE sweating. But once I moved down here, I started loving it, I live less than 3 miles from 2 different beaches, and I have a pool in my development. I also tan really well, so I take full advantage of both…but on days like today (which was a planned pool day) no-to-the-motherfucking-thanks.

18922177_10210922228264046_8567586850746089845_n.jpg(My actual pool) 

In fact, I honestly don’t think I’d stay outside for any extended period of time. Not even if the world’s second largest ocean was in front of me. 

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At least with the severe hotness comes the chance for thunderstorms. I love rain and I especially love thunderstorms! We might get some tonight!

So if you are also in a ridiculously hot region, I wish you all the coolness in the world.

And here’s a picture of a baby polar bear (my favorite animal!) enjoying the snow, as a thanks for reading!