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The Good, The Bad, and the Annoying

Today was an interesting day to say the least, I went to bed around 2:30 in the morning and woke up around 10, so getting some rest was good.
download (32)

I felt sort of groggy in the morning, lazy almost, even after coffee and before my morning meds (sometimes my anxiety meds make me a little out of it). But I went about my day, and went to the pool. Only stayed for an hour, since my attention span is so damn short these days.
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I did get some nice color though. Then I decided to run an errand or two, which was both a bad idea and annoying to say the least. It’s Friday, and that means tourists…and a parking lot of traffic on rt.1 south bound. Oy.


(actual Delaware traffic on rt.1)

Luckily the places I had to go were close to my house and I know a lot of back roads, but even in the stores people were either rude or annoying. So basically I wanted to punch everyone in the throat.


I understand that you may be in a hurry, or whatever, but this is Lower slower Delaware. We run on beach time. And if you come down here and you don’t like that…fine, but don’t be a dickbag to the rest of us just because you can’t unclench.

download (33).jpg

Then I slowly realized that my rapidly changing mood, and less euphoric feeling meant that I was probably coming down from the hypomania.

It could happen over a span of hours, days, or even weeks, but the hypomania hangover is horrible.


At this point however, I can’t stress about it. I’m going to be vigilant, and vocal with my psychiatrist/doctor, and I know eventually I’ll have my meds right, and I can live a little more peacefully. So here’s to hope. 

Thanks for reading! And here’s a picture of some adorable kittens with some sage advice…

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