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  1.  (of a person or animal) unable to rest or relax as a result of anxiety or boredom”the audience grew restless and inattentive”
Synonyms: uneasy, ill at ease, restivefidgety, on edge, tense, worked up, nervousagitatedanxious, keyed up, antsy.
 And not just regular restless either…but restless af. I feel like I’m being pulled in all different directions, except I’m the one pushing myself toward it all, and I have no clue which way to go.
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As an example…here’s my internal monologue for the last 10 minutes before I decided to write this blog:
 I should watch a movie, watch This is 40. You’ve seen it 7 times but you love it.
(I watched it for literally 4 mins.)
 Maybe I should write in one of the 14 unused notebooks I have laying around…OoOoOo..Maybe I’ll start a quote notebook…
images (14)
(I already have 2 quote notebooks started and never finished somewhere; also I may have a stationary addiction.)
 Speaking of notebooks, you need to do your Spanish lesson for the day, and you should take notes…
images (15)
(Keep in mind that 3 days ago I tried to study Spanish and Italian at the same time, word of advice…don’t try to learn two similar languages at the same time.)
Nope, you should definitely listen to music on YouTube, you have soooo many playlists on there.
download (10)
(Then I went up to my bookmarks bar to click on YouTube and saw my blog bookmark and decided to instead write a blog about how I can’t make a decision to save my life rn and also how I feel like I want to make every decision ever.)
There you have it…all of that in  a span of honestly probably less than 10 minutes. Oh hypo-mania, you son of a bitch.
P.S. I slept last night for about 9 hours, and it was glorious. If I could only do the same thing tonight. Cross your fingers for me.
Thanks for reading my whole post! Here’s a kitten in a bow tie as a thank you.
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